Selling and buying houses is a stressful thing as well as moving your elderly parent across country. As a family, we were also worried about listing our mother's house on the market and having to manage that far away. Thankfully we literally stumbled across I BUY HOUSES! I was the biggest skeptic. We ended up selling Momma's house before we were done loading up to head for Texas! Bernard was GREAT and the experience was seamless and stressless!! I could not be more thankful or grateful for this experience.

Greetings. I owned a rental property in Augusta GA, and after many years of rental decided to sell. I had many different investors contact me and many were very dishonest and not sincere or offered very low unagreeable terms. On several occasions many offered a well agreeable price, and I would let them take a look at the property and without fail they would always come back and try to negotiate a substantial lower price than what was agreed upon. Normally, I don’t answer calls on the property since it can get overwhelming at times. On one particular day this year, I decided to answer a call from Mr. Barbour who represented Ibuyhousecash.com. After reviewing the property and a follow up phone call an offer was make and they even agreed to an increase in the price from the original without any long drawn out negotiations. Throughout the process from the signing of the sales contract until closing, I was well informed and in a timely manner they immediately started the process with a closing attorney. I did not have to call or worry about what was going on with the title search or closing status, I would from time to time receive an update. Also, if I did call or by text I was always answered promptly. Overall, I was treated with respect and would highly recommend working with Mr. Barbour and his associates at: Ibuyhousescash.com if you are like me and want to retire from a landlord perspective, they will treat you with respect and fairly. Howard B., Florida